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Cambodia in Brief

• Cambodia is a constitutional monarchy
• Head of State King: His Majesty Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath Norodom Sihamoni
• Prime Minister: Sam Dech Akkak Sena Moha Padei Techo Hun Sen
• Population: More than 16 Million
• Ethnic Khmer: 90%
• Religion: Theravada Buddhism
• Official Language: Khmer
• Second Official Language: English 

About Cambodia

The kingdom of Cambodia lies in the tropical zone that is situated in Southeast Asia and located in the Southwestern part of the Indochina peninsula. The country’s land size is 181 035 square kilometers, which is relatively small compared to its neighbors. The country is bordered by Thailand and Laos on the North, by Vietnam on the East and Southeast and by the Gulf of Thailand and Thailand on the West. Much of the surface of the country is a low land area, which is bounded by mountain ranks and plateaus physically shaped like a pan. Cambodia is also centralized by Tonle Sap Lake ‘Great Lake,’ which is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia and is traversed by the Mekong River, 500 kilometer from North to South.

Population & People

The majority of the population in Cambodia is Khmer having inhabited the area since 1500 BC. The population in Cambodia is more than 16 million with 96 percent of that number being Khmer, four percent being Vietnamese, Charm Muslims, Chinese or other. The life expectancy of a male in Cambodia is 62 years old with the female life expectancy being 66 years old. This is mostly due to the conditions in which living in poverty in rural as well as the result of war has brought on in this country. Cambodia’s population was devastated by war and genocide from 1970 until 1989, the time of the Khmer Rouge with the country’s mortality declining to zero with as many as 2 million people being killed unjustly during that time. After the time of the Khmer Rouge people did move back into the towns and these areas have been growing since 1980.


Khmer is the official language of Cambodia and was originated from India. Khmer is spoken by over nine million people with Sanskrit & Pali being the root of the language.

Siem Reap is a very popular tourist destination in Cambodia. As the gateway to the famous Ankgor temples in the region the city is the best place to stop for supplies and to soak up a bit in local culture before heading off into the lush countryside of Cambodia.

Siem Reap General Information

Siem Reap is a province of Cambodia and it is located in the North Western side of the country. Siem refers to Siam, and Reap means ‘defeat’, thus Siem Reap means ‘Siam Defeat’. The name is called after the Siam was defeated by Khmer army during the war in 16th century. Long time after the event the name Siam became Siem, so that today they call this province ‘Siem Reap’.
Siem Reap Cambodia was a hot place of war between Khmer Rouge and government during the war time 1980 – 1993. The population is small when compared to others provinces of Cambodia. People lived in fear and poverty. Since 1993, the first election that was governed by UNTAC (United Nation Transitional Authority of Cambodia), Siem Reap was opened to the world; many soldiers of UN came to Siem Reap to help in rebuilding this province.
Since 2000, the Prime minister of Cambodia had opened this province to the world by using his effective policy is called ‘Open Air Policy’. Many countries like to have direct flights from their city to Siem Reap. This is a good policy for Siem Reap province. Many tourism companies have come for their business and built their resorts for welcoming the visitors from all over the world.
Now Siem Reap is known as a high class province with many foreigners visiting the province for their business. Old colonial buildings too attract the visitors; visitors can enjoy their evenings shopping, eating exotic food, in massage parlors, drinking, and many other activities in this small vibrant town which has the old market and bar street.

Land Area:
Land covers an area of 10,544 square km. Siem Reap is known as a high potential province for tourism, forestry, fishery and agricultural products; it had 2 million foreign visitors in 2007. The area covers 12 districts, 100 communes, 875 villages. Population: 788, 568 (2005).

Travel to Siem Reap


Visitors can obtain their visa on arrival at the Siem Reap airport. Cambodia Visa costs US $25 per head. At least 5 ID size photos are required. If you don’t have photos you will be charged an additional US $5. Now visitors can obtain visa online:

Passes per person:

Angkor archeological site:
• 1 Day: US $37
• 2-3 Days: US $62
• 4-7 Days: US $72 (US$2 will be donnated to Jayavarman VII children hospital).


• Phnom Kulen: US $20
• Beng Mealea: US $5
• Koh Ker: US $15 (include Beng Mealea)
• Angkor National Museum: US $15
• Cambodian Cultural Villages: US $15
• Balloon: US $15 (10Minutes)
• Angkor Pnorama Museum: US $12
• Angkor National Museum: US $12
• Smile of Angkor Grand Show: US$ 48
• Phare, The Cambodian Circus:  Seat A= US $38, Seat B= US $28, Seat C= US $18


• Phnom Bakheng: US $25
• From South Gate of Angkor Thom to Bayon: US $20

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